Yellowstone Zine

Project: Design by Chance
Class: Typography 4
Deliverables: One full-color Zine, must incorporate an organic material, must have a die cut, and one largescale application.
Date: Spring Semester 2020

Objective: Each student will roll a die for each of the 5 columns to determine the projects parameters. You are to utilize each of the 5 items you “rolled.” You may use paper but it is not as a substitute to any item. Size is up to you. Piece must be type dominate, and must contain some sort of imagery-photography, illustration etc. Remember paper can be used to your benefit.

Description: For my design by chance project, I did a zine on Yellowstone National park. A zine is usually a small booklet about any kind of topic. So for my zine on Yellowstone, I decided to talk about the park’s history, environment, hotspot, and forest fires. The organic material that I used was paper, my die cut would be located on the front cover, and my largescale application was a billboard advertising the park. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was not able to make a physical copy of the Zine, instead I had to do several different mock-ups to try to show how the Zine would look.