Campaign for Good

Project: Campaign for Good
Class: Typography 3
Deliverables: Three ads that show how Sensory Processing Disorder affects the people who live with it. Mock-ups of the ads being used, as a poster or sign, a public transit application, a magazine cover, and one website landing pg.
Date: Fall Semester 2019

Objective: The objective of this campaign was to not only raise awareness about Sensory Processing Disorder to the general public, but to also encourage people to go out and do their own research about Sensory Processing Disorder.

Description: For my Campaign for Good, the non-profit organization that I chose was STAR Institute. STAR Institute is an organization that works with hundreds of families, raises awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and works to research and develop ways to treat SPD. The three ads that I created had to do with touch and sound, which are one of many forms of SPD. As someone who personally deals with sensory issues, I really wanted to focus on the idea that, not all toys, clothes, and sounds are sensory friendly. That is where the idea of the spiky teddy bear, the sand paper underwear, and the megaphone came from.