Packaging Mac & Cheese Box Design

Project: Mac & Cheese Box Design
Class: Packaging
Deliverables: Three box designs for a Mac and cheese brand. Each box must be a different flavor and noodle style.
Date: Fall Semester 2021

Objective: Design three Mac & Cheese boxes using a made up company or an existing company.

Description: For this project, I decided to make up a company called “Bird Nest Mac & Cheese. Each of the three boxes features a parrot from around the world. The back of the box would have fun/interesting facts about the parrot featured on the front. The three different parrots that I chose to highlight on the three boxes were, a Budgie, a Cockatiel, and an Indian Ringneck Parrakeet. The three different flavors and noodle types that I chose to use were, original with macaroni, sharp cheddar with shells, and mozzarella with wagon wheels.

Process Book: