Parrot Hope Rescue Logo Redesign

Project: Logo Redesign
Class: Corporate Identity
Deliverables: Redesign an existing company/organization’s logo. Then, using the newly redisgned logo, create a letterhead, business card, business envelope, three pages of a website, and 10 different applications.
Date: Fall Semester 2021

Objective: Redesign an existing company/organization’s logo.

Description:For this project, I decided to redesign the logo for Parrot Hope Rescue. They are a non-profit organization the rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes parrots that were surrounded by previous owners. They are located in Mantua Ohio, and are a wonderful organization. They also provided educational training and information about the parrots that they have. Their goal according to their website is being “dedicated to the well being of companion parrots through rescue, education, and permanent home placement.”

Process Book: