Emerging Technologies: Personal Project



Personal Project 1

Project: Laser Cut Personal Project
Class: Emerging Technologies
Date: Spring Semester 2022

Description: For my personal project, I wanted to design a wooden box to hold my some of my Pokemon cards. I have been collecting Pokemon cards since I was 5 years old. So for my personal project I decided to laser cut and assemble a wooden box that could be used to store some of my cards. On the sides of the box are some of my favorite Pokemon from each generation, and the lid has the Pokemon logo. Once I assembled the box, I reinforced it with wood glue, then stained it and finished it with a satin clear coat to protect it.

Advanced Illustration Semester Project 1



Advanced Illustration: Semester Project #1

Project: Semester Project #2
Class: Advanced Illustration
Date: Fall Semester 2020

Description: For my semester project for Advanced Illustration, I wanted to do character development / studies for my characters that I have been developing for a comic. Throughout the course of the semester, I did several different characters with character sheets, expressions, poses, and a handful of full illustrated scenes.

Process Book:




UX-UI Design: App Project



Budgie Care App

Project: App Design
Class: UX/UI Design
Deliverables: Design an app using principles of UX/UI design.
Date: Spring Semester 2021

Objective: Create a static app.

Description: For this project I created an app called “Budgie Care.” The idea behind the app comes from my experience as a first time bird owner. There was a lot of research that I had to do before I adopted my budgies, and there were a lot of questions that I had while adjusting to caring for my birds. I thought that having an app for first time and experienced budgie owners. This app would allow you to create a budgie profile for your budgie. From there you would be able to find forums, and articles that talk about the different aspects of owning a budgie. You would also be able to connect with other budgie owners.

Corporate Identity: Logo Redesign



Parrot Hope Rescue Logo Redesign

Project: Logo Redesign
Class: Corporate Identity
Deliverables: Redesign an existing company/organization’s logo. Then, using the newly redisgned logo, create a letterhead, business card, business envelope, three pages of a website, and 10 different applications.
Date: Fall Semester 2021

Objective: Redesign an existing company/organization’s logo.

Description:For this project, I decided to redesign the logo for Parrot Hope Rescue. They are a non-profit organization the rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes parrots that were surrounded by previous owners. They are located in Mantua Ohio, and are a wonderful organization. They also provided educational training and information about the parrots that they have. Their goal according to their website is being “dedicated to the well being of companion parrots through rescue, education, and permanent home placement.”

Process Book:




Packaging Design: Maximal Project



Packaging Design: Maximal Project

Project: Maximal Project
Class: Packaging
Deliverables: A product that would be seen or used as a collector’s item, limited edition item, etc.
Date: Fall Semester 2021

Objective: Design a product that uses multiple amounts of packaging. This product could be a collector’s item, a limited edition item, or a luxury item.

Description: For this project I decided to create an Elite Trainer box for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Elite Trainer boxes are collector items that are released with each trading card set. I designed the box art and set name and I also drew all the art found on the booster packs, coin, sleeve protectors, dividers, and rulebook.

Process Book:



Packaging Design: Mac & Cheese Box



Packaging Mac & Cheese Box Design

Project: Mac & Cheese Box Design
Class: Packaging
Deliverables: Three box designs for a Mac and cheese brand. Each box must be a different flavor and noodle style.
Date: Fall Semester 2021

Objective: Design three Mac & Cheese boxes using a made up company or an existing company.

Description: For this project, I decided to make up a company called “Bird Nest Mac & Cheese. Each of the three boxes features a parrot from around the world. The back of the box would have fun/interesting facts about the parrot featured on the front. The three different parrots that I chose to highlight on the three boxes were, a Budgie, a Cockatiel, and an Indian Ringneck Parrakeet. The three different flavors and noodle types that I chose to use were, original with macaroni, sharp cheddar with shells, and mozzarella with wagon wheels.

Process Book:






Packaging Design: Diverse Forms


Akron Honey Diverse Forms

Project: Diverse Forms
Class: Packaging Design
Deliverables: Three different packaging designs for three different products.
Date: Fall Semester 2021

Objective: Design packaging for three different products for an existing company/organization.


Description: For this project, I chose to redesign the packaging for Akron Honey. I decided to do labels for a honey sample jars, an unscented candle made of beeswax, and a wire bail glass jar.

Process Book:



Magazine Redesign



Popular Science Magazine Redesign

Project: Magazine Redesign
Class: Typography 4
Deliverables: Three different cover pages, table of contents, editors note, department page, featured article, and an updated masthead.
Date: Spring Semester 2020

Objective: Redesign an existing magazine.

Description: For this project, I chose Popular Science for my magazine to redesign. The interior article that I decided to use, I got from Popular Science’s website. We need to find a article from our magazine to use as our main article for our redesign. The article that I used from Popular Science was “Forest Power.” I wanted the magazine to have a more modern feel to it, as well as keeping the overall design simple.



Meet the Illustrator


Meet the Illustrator

Project: Meet the Illustrator
Class: Advance Illustration
Deliverables: 10×10 full color composition.
Date: Fall Semester 2020

Objective: Create a 10×10 composition introducing yourself. You can talk about your hobbies, interests, and things that you like.

Description: This is my composition for the “Meet the Illustrator” project. Throughout the piece you will find some of the things that I like, and thinks that interest me. For this illustration, I took a more comic/graphic novel approach to how I arranged things throughout the composition. The different interests, and things that I like are divided into different panels, and have a text box to label them.

Campaign For Good



Campaign for Good

Project: Campaign for Good
Class: Typography 3
Deliverables: Three ads that show how Sensory Processing Disorder affects the people who live with it. Mock-ups of the ads being used, as a poster or sign, a public transit application, a magazine cover, and one website landing pg.
Date: Fall Semester 2019

Objective: The objective of this campaign was to not only raise awareness about Sensory Processing Disorder to the general public, but to also encourage people to go out and do their own research about Sensory Processing Disorder.

Description: For my Campaign for Good, the non-profit organization that I chose was STAR Institute. STAR Institute is an organization that works with hundreds of families, raises awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and works to research and develop ways to treat SPD. The three ads that I created had to do with touch and sound, which are one of many forms of SPD. As someone who personally deals with sensory issues, I really wanted to focus on the idea that, not all toys, clothes, and sounds are sensory friendly. That is where the idea of the spiky teddy bear, the sand paper underwear, and the megaphone came from.










Hello, my name is Abbey O’Neal and I am a graduating senior at the University of Akron, majoring in Graphic Design, and minoring in Illustration. Some of the things that I like to do are, illustration, concept art, logo design, and working with Typography. Illustration is one of my favorite things to do, and is something that I would love to pursue when I am out in the work force. I love designing characters and the worlds they live in, I also like to write and create comics with the characters that I design. My goal is to one day work for Marvel Comics, and illustrate comics.


Design By Chance



Yellowstone Zine

Project: Design by Chance
Class: Typography 4
Deliverables: One full-color Zine, must incorporate an organic material, must have a die cut, and one largescale application.
Date: Spring Semester 2020

Objective: Each student will roll a die for each of the 5 columns to determine the projects parameters. You are to utilize each of the 5 items you “rolled.” You may use paper but it is not as a substitute to any item. Size is up to you. Piece must be type dominate, and must contain some sort of imagery-photography, illustration etc. Remember paper can be used to your benefit.

Description: For my design by chance project, I did a zine on Yellowstone National park. A zine is usually a small booklet about any kind of topic. So for my zine on Yellowstone, I decided to talk about the park’s history, environment, hotspot, and forest fires. The organic material that I used was paper, my die cut would be located on the front cover, and my largescale application was a billboard advertising the park. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was not able to make a physical copy of the Zine, instead I had to do several different mock-ups to try to show how the Zine would look.



Graphic Translation



Graphic Translation

Project: Graphic Translation
Class: Production 1
Date: Spring Semester 2018

Objective: Using the principles of graphic translation create a logo using an object of your choice.

Description: For this project, the object that I chose was my clarinet. After taking several different pictures of my, I began breaking the instrument down to simpler shapes using only the shadows and highlights. The end results are what you see here.



Opposites Project



Opposites Project

Project: Opposites Project
Class: Illustration
Deliverables: Create two separate images, one for each opposite, or one composition that represents and includes both opposites.
Date: Spring Semester 2020

Objective: The environment we live in is composed of opposites. Choose a set of divergent ideas and represent them visually.

Description: The goal for this project was to take two opposites and depict them in a way that represents the opposites. For my project, the opposites that I chose where Sun and Moon, and Dawn and Dusk. For Sun and Moon, I depicted them as characters. The sun, is represented by a man holding a glowing scepter, the color pallet that I chose for the sun where warm colors like yellows, golds, oranges, and reds. I also made the setting of the scene that the sun is in take place during the daytime. For the moon, I depicted a female holding a pale white crescent scythe that represents the moon. I used cooler colors like blues, and grays. And like the sun, the setting of the scene takes place at night.

The next set of opposites that I chose where Dawn and Dusk. For this set of opposites I decided to depict a scene that shows the differences in the sky during dawn and dusk. For dawn, the sky is depicted with soft pastel colors of reds, pinks, and oranges. There are also seagulls that are flying throughout the sky. For dusk the sky is depicted with rich and bright colors of oranges, reds, greens, and purples, and instead of seagulls, fireflies fill the lower parts of the sky.



Letterforms Analyzed



Letterforms Analyzed

Project: Letterforms Analyzed
Class: Typography 1
Date: Fall Semester 2018

Objective: Create a composition using letterforms and the vocabulary terms given to you, that analyzes the different parts and pieces of a letterform.

Description: For this project we were given a list of vocabulary words that described the different parts and piece of a letterform. Using the list provided, and using different letters of our choice, we had to create a visually interesting composition that analyzed the different parts of the letterforms. Once we created an interesting layout, we had to take our composition and add color to it. The color studies that I ended up doing were, two colors, triad, monochromatic, and complementary.



Visual Definitions



Visual Definitions

Project: Visual Definitions
Class: Typography 2
Date: Spring Semester 2019

Objective: Using the vocabulary words given to you, create a visual definition that can describe what the word is, and what it means.

Description: For this project, the two words that I had were Initial Capital, and Weight. The goal for this project was to be able to visually describe what our words were.



Shoe Project



Shoe Design Project

Project: Shoe Project
Class: Drawing Techniques
Date: Spring Semester 2019

Objective: Design a shoe.

Description: For this project we had to design a shoe. I wanted to create a casual shoe that could be worn whenever and wherever. I also wanted to design a shoe that also incorporated some of my favorite things, so I did shoes based of heroes that I like. For example, the first shoe design that I did was a shoe based off of the new Spider-man, Miles Morales. Another shoe that I did was based off of the Transformer character, Bumblebee. And the other shoes that I did where based off of the Winter Solider.



Signature Project



Signature Project

Project: Signature Project
Class: Intro to Design
Date: Fall Semester 2017

Objective: Using your signature, create abstract, flowing compositions. Then using one or two of your favorite quotes, find a way to incorporate them into your compositions.

Description: The images here, were some of my favorite compositions that I did for this project. This project helped me to think in a more abstract way, and I love how expressive the different compositions are.



Bottle Project



Bottle Project

Project: Bottle Project
Class: Drawing Techniques
Date: Spring Semester 2019

Objective: Using the images given to you, re-create the different bottle by using two different bottle types. You can change the bottles shape, size, and color. Then add a background element, and experiment with calligraphy to create different compositions.

Description: For this project, we were given a bunch of different pictures of bottles that ranged in shape, size, color, etc. We then had to re-create and render each bottle, then taking some of our favorite renderings, we then mixed and matched bottle shapes, sizes, and caps. Finally, we experimented with background elements and calligraphy to create interesting compositions with our bottle drawings. The bottles shown are the ones that I really like, and felt like they were the strongest among the many other renderings that I did.